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Aklima Khatun
Jan 31, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
Dissemination of conspiracy special database theories. No big brand would a priori want to see their ads placed on such websites. But last spring ads special database from big brands such as BMW, Lidl or Telefónica landed in them, according to a report by the non-governmental organization Global Disinformation Index ( GDI ). None of the targeted special database advertisers deliberately advertised there and demanded that their advertising be immediately removed from the sites involved. But why did their ads special database make their way onto such problematic websites? The answer to this question goes through special database programmatic advertising , which does not place brand ads on specific websites, but instead purchases (100% automated) advertising space based on certain targeting options. Through auctions that special database are decided in thousandths of seconds, the ads end up where the segmentation options previously defined by the brands are met. The special database place where the advertising appears becomes secondary and what is really important is that it reaches the eyes of the right people (who may be interested in the content of websites of special database an extremist nature). Although the companies directly concerned by such nonsense resort to special database so-called "blacklists" to ensure that their advertising does not appear on certain websites, such "blacklists"
Aklima Khatun
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