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Parboti Rani
Jan 12, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
the birds and killer bees and the Afghanistan Phone Number List cows. One of my favorite Hughes pictures was the "Killer Bees from Arizona" trilogy. The obvious cure for cancer is to stop poisoning the air water and earth we are made of by Afghanistan Phone Number List doing away with cars and smoke stacks and cell phones and computers as our super brilliant pyramid and space ship building ancestors did for 5 million years but human beings don't like it plain and simple. Furthermore bloggers would never allow it. What would they do all day? Instead Afghanistan Phone Number List of riling up millions of people with their brainwashed prejudiced minds they would have to go back to simpler times and gossip among their fellow village people. You are lying in Afghanistan Phone Number List your bed trying to go to sleep only this incredibly excruciating electrical pain is shooting from your wrists up into your arm and you are as likely to fall asleep as Jane Russell is Afghanistan Phone Number List to go on a second date with Mickey Rooney. So you go to your medicine cabinet and dope yourself up with codeine and morphine from Afghanistan supplied by your doctor Afghanistan Phone Number List and your pharmacist. Heaven forbid humans should ever eliminate the root cause of their problems the economy would collapse these people would have Afghanistan Phone Number List you believe. The Huns had quite a prosperous economy not to mention the perks. So where did this unbearable wrist pain come from? Did some Barbarian sneak into your home Afghanistan Phone Number List late at night like John Mark Karr and twist your arm for you to go out on a second date with him promising that he had remedied his problem at the new naturalistic halitosis specialist who moved in two doors down from his cousin Jenny? Picture the inside of your wrist. Your wrist is a circular bone. Inside of your wrist there is a spinal cord running from your arm to your hand. Every Afghanistan Phone Number List one of the million times a day that you hit a key on your keyboard your hand moves down and the circular wrist bone hits
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Parboti Rani

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